Merry [宅送] Christmas 7 inch Analog 1810円 Merry Christmas [7 inch Analog] ミュージック スポーツ・カルチャー クリスマス 1810円 Merry Christmas [7 inch Analog] ミュージック スポーツ・カルチャー クリスマス Merry [宅送] Christmas 7 inch Analog ミュージック , スポーツ・カルチャー , クリスマス,inch,[7,1810円,Christmas,Analog],,Merry,/bellmaking1169753.html ミュージック , スポーツ・カルチャー , クリスマス,inch,[7,1810円,Christmas,Analog],,Merry,/bellmaking1169753.html

Merry 宅送 (人気激安) Christmas 7 inch Analog

Merry Christmas [7 inch Analog]


Merry Christmas [7 inch Analog]


Three times Progressive Music Award winning band, Big Big Train, will be releasing their first Christmas single. The single is called Merry Christmas and the vinyl and CD versions of the release will feature a 'b' side called Snowfalls. A donation to the Night Stop homelessness charity will be made for every copy sold. Big Big Train vocalist David Longdon says: 'Merry Christmas is a song about rediscovering our childlike belief in the magic of Christmas, despite living in an over commercial and sometimes cynical world. After all, what wouldn't you give to believe again, like you believed back then?'Bass player Greg Spawton: 'We wanted Merry Christmas to be a proper Christmas song, so it features the Big Big Train brass band, The Chapel Choir Choristers of Jesus College, Cambridge and, of course, sleigh bells. ' Limited 7-inch snow white vinyl (with a gatefold cover)

Merry Christmas [7 inch Analog]




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